U.S., Italy, Japan, India, South Korea, and Taiwan impose #Covid19 testing requirements for inbound passengers from China #pandemic Posted here at 6:45am Mla time (see report from The Guardian here)

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in solidarity with the residents and people of China

Posted here t 6:45am Mla time, from The Guardian: Aside from U.S. and Italy imposing Covid testing requirements for inbound passengers from China : “Other countries have taken similar steps in an effort to keep infections from spreading beyond China’s borders. Japan will require a negative Covid-19 test upon arrival for travellers from China, and Malaysia announced new tracking and surveillance measures. India, South Korea and Taiwan are requiring virus tests for visitors from China.  

      “Australian infectious diseases expert Prof Dominic Dwyer, one of the team tasked with travelling to Wuhan early in 2021 to investigate the origins of the pandemic in a report for the World Health Organization (WHO) (said) : ‘We don’t know what variants are circulating in China at the moment … [and] whether those variants are different in terms of their response to vaccination.’      

  “The WHO director general, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, has called on China to share data and conduct relevant studies to help the world understand which Covid variants are circulating. Dwyer said data was crucial because in countries where Covid-19 is out of control, the sheer number of people infected makes it more likely that there will be a rare event that leads to changes in the virus, potentially creating a new variant of concern.       

  “ ‘That is the environment where you’d expect new variants to appear,” Dwyer said. “So therefore monitoring people returning from China who are sick is going to be important. We don’t know … whether those variants [in China] are any different to what we’ve seen elsewhere.’ ” (from The Guardian)

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