Shot at 10:39am Jan2, 2023, Attention Sky Engineering Dept: 3rd day of no cable signal from Sky Cable TV. Sky tech team (see photo today) found the Sky poste (pole) itself not receiving any signal, as in 100% of the time there is a cable outage, nothing wrong with the digibox and housewires,
all the Sky cable neighbors have no cable signal, we keep repeating everytime we report a cable outage to Sky that nothing is wrong with the house wires and digiboxes here, it is always happening from the Sky planta itself, this is happening in 100% of the time yet the process of restoration is being delayed by 3 days by sending a tech team not authorized to open the poste Sky switchbox. For Dec. 2022-Jan.2023: Every week, no cable signal for 3 days for each week while subscribers bleed money dry in subscription fees. Attention: Sky Engineering Dept: Grabeng pahirap. Pls restore the signal now.

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