And the category for next week’s voluntary open-air singing game show is here! Laws on Communication and Media #Maskom #UPDiliman College of Mass Comm #HappyWomensMonth #UniversityofthePhilippines

The class discussion next week is: The philosophic bases of the right to freedom of speech and of the press, i.e. 1.To set the “best test of truth” as the standard for the discovery of scientific principles and new ways of viewing the world; 2.To air people’s grievances, to expose corruption, and to participate in governance; 3.To realize the full potential of the human being.

And the category for next week is:

Women, men, non-binaries, who, against all odds, have survived and thrived by airing their just grievances and asserting their right (key word: survivor, survive and thrive, alive, homeland)

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