On the #SIMRegistration Deadline Apr26 #EmergencyAlert My query sent to a computer science expert (deadline now extended)

On the #SIMRegistration Deadline Apr26 #EmergencyAlert My query sent to a computer science expert (deadline now extended) : Hi Mark! When my phone emitted an audio voice alert yesterday on the SIM registration deadline April 26, i.e, it spoke aloud without a prompt: 1.The voice announcement went on speaker phone mode without a prompt on my part; 2.my phone was locked when it did that; 3.my phone has a password. Does this mean the telco accessed my operating system in order to: 1.decode the password in order to unlock it; 2.then, the telco unlocked my phone and put itself on speaker phone mode; 3.then emitted the audio voice alert without a prompt…? Awaiting your expert opinion. Thanks, thanks. (I’m publishing my own email in the blog, I won’t publish your response-email without your permission in compliance with the Civil Code 😊 )
PS: I know that I wrote in the blog last October that if all unregistered SIMs are deactivated without notice of deactivation that there would be “chaos and Armageddon” – but I didn’t think an apocalyptic loud voice signal would be sent approximating the announcement of a continent-size asteroid about to hit the planet in the next 24 hours.

My phone didn’t get a QR code though for evacuation. Where’s my QR code for evacuation?

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