In the photo of the studio live guesting above, all staffmembers and crew, and guests while off-camera, were wearing face masks: This is the best practice po (i took off the face mask only for 20 minutes during the on-cam interview and observed physical distancing during the interview)

Journalists did not factcheck the de-facto “Health” Secretary, Tourism Sec. Frasco who declared today “Tapos na po yung pandemya, sabi po yan ng WHO” (“Pandemic is over, that’s what WHO said”), TV media just edited out Frasco’s misinformation in the soundbyte (the timid Malacaňang press corps na palaging kasama sa foreign trips, libre, did not factcheck her). Dr. Tony Leachon factchecked her: See tweet

From Dr. Tony Leachon, factchecking the de-facto “Health” Secretary, Tourism Sec. Frasco:

Is repeated infection good for one’s health if one is “healthy” naman?

Ask your own family doctor (hwag yung kabarkadang-doktor mo lang), your own family physician, kung mabuti sa kalusugan ang repeated infection para malaman nyo po ang sagot:

Another embedded tweet below… and here is from someone who had been infected twice

May kaibigan o kakilala ka ba na namatay sa sakit this year or lumubha ang comorbidity nya this year? — tingnan mo ang big data, it correlates with the big data on “excess mortality rate” and the big data on life expectancy during the pandemic.

Para po maintindihan natin, here is the simplified analogy:

Not masking in indoor aircon spaces and in crowded places is like …

… not washing your hands/ or not disinfecting your hands before eating.

If you don’t want to wash or disinfect your hands before eating, it’s up to you, kain ka lang nang madumi ang kamay, go.

If you don’t want to mask-up in indoor aircon spaces and crowded areas, be my guest, go, gorabels:

Hayaan mo, hwag ka mag-alala: In six months to one year of repeated infections,

you’ll get flowers naman beside your hospital bed.

Stay safe and healthy, everyone.

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