Butterfly Pose (Baddha Konasana A): Happy Women’s Month!

maybe Baddha Konasana half-A  (instead of chin to ground, it’s only nose to ground), also called butterfly pose, cobbler pose, bound angle pose,mayadevi

Lakshmi’s pose by some writers: one of only few, if not the only pose, named after a female deity (Lakshmi is the female

counterpart of Lord Vishnu and the goddess of prosperity, good fortune, beauty and grace)– ButterflyPose

small photo above rightclicked from hdwall.xyz, cropped, used here non-commercially for educational purposes

but i called this pose the Maya Devi pose in an earlier post


because the form is similar to a pose carved in an ancient Lankan coin circa 1st Century BC depicting Maya Devi (Buddha’s mother), seated with the soles of her feet together showing Queen Maya after the “virgin birth of Buddha” :

                     Happy Women’s month pa rin!