Sent to all class members 3pm based on an email to the faculty yesterday morning

Sent to all class members 3pm based on an email to the faculty yesterday morning

Apr18 3pm For all class members of marichulambino
      Hello to all class members! In an email to the faculty yesterday morning, i mentioned that the BOR Resolution as storified by an article published by the UP System seems to have modified or fundamentally altered the PAC recommendations.
At the moment, i’m waiting for the full text of the BOR Resolution to be published, or  for the OVPAA to disseminate a new set of guidelines on Monday, April 21, 2020. I will email you again then.

      In order that all class members could move along and focus on the most important pre-requisites to staying alive during this lethal pandemic, I have a set of self-imposed tasks with a self-imposed deadline starting June 2020 up to May 31, 2021 (June 2020 for those who want to move along in time and up to May 31, 2021).

     In order that we may proceed smoothly, please inform me as soon as possible or not later than May 15, 2020 IF YOU ARE PLANNING TO RE-ENROLL THE SUBJECT/COURSE so I could streamline the classlist: class members who will re-enroll would no longer be included in my self-imposed tasks. If I’m not informed by May 15, 2020, i will presume you are NOT planning to re-enroll the subject/course.

    In the meantime (while we’re waiting for a clearer statement on the processes) … Stay alive, and please help the people around you stay alive.

    Please build your immunity system and continue to prioritize your safety and health and the survival of all family members.

     Marami pong salamat. -marichu

(File photo: from the archives)