First day of classes: Pls submit avatar & public profile electronically #UniversityofthePhilippines #UPDiliman

       Happy New Year everyone!

     This is your first assignment and it’s easy, but it’s also a ticket to a seat to the first day of classes and succeeding meetings. Ps submit your avatar and public profile electronically before the first meeting or during the first 15 minutes of the first meeting – failing which, you will be excused so you can submit the requirement.
     FOR THE FIRST DAY OF CLASSES: In order to have an organized flow of class discussion: Everyone is required to attend the orientation on the first day of classes – even those who have not completed their payment. Experience shows that those who fail to attend the orientation fail to be aware of the requirements and class policies, fail to get their topics for reporting (for 30 points) and end up DISRUPTING THE CLASS with their noisy cellphones, noisy inquiries, and abrupt behavior in trying to get out of the classroom to comply with the requirements. Students who show inability to comprehend words will be asked to drop the class before wreaking more havoc.
           Students will always be held responsible for whatever they miss as a consequence of their being late or absent, and are requested not to harangue the handling faculty to be given special treatment by way of a “personalized briefing”, or update, or to get topics. Students who persist in refusing to comprehend words will be asked to drop the class.
       The class record and class scorecards of this class are electronic (with one print copy as final backup).
My avatar and public profile are in this site, in the “About” widget. The widgets appear when the Toggle is clicked. The Toggle is an app that is tucked in the upper-righthand corner of the page, as a small box with three horizontal lines.
       ADMINISTRATIVE MATTERS, FIRST DAY OF CLASSES: As stated, the class records are electronic and will be based on scores arising from compliance with the requirements, to be centralized electronically in the department file. For the first day of classes, in the first 15 minutes of class hours, or earlier, pls submit electronically your avatar and public profile by embedding them or linking them in this site, in this post, in the comments section (you may post them earlier, before classes). You may use the computers in the department, or the computers in the classrooms, or the free and public computers in the corridors and lobby, or the free and public computers in the library, or your own devices (the college has a free, public wifi). Those who fail to comply with this requirement up to the first 30 minutes of classes, or when the roll is called, will lose their seat in class, will be requested to leave the room in order to comply with the requirement, and will be marked as absent.
      The avatar is your digital public photo. For this class, do not submit an image of a cartoon character or a computer-generated character unless you want to be considered a winged creature in class. Do not submit a microscopic, dot-size photo unless you want a dot score for all the requirements. Pls make your avatar at least the usual 1” x1”. Thank you.
The public profile is the public description of yourself, the profile that you use in your public sites. Use your nicknames only, do not submit your full names in this site.
In your public profile, pls type as heading the designation of the class you are enrolled in (J101, or Ethics, or Media Law, or Grad Sch) — this will make the work of the department easier.
       Then, pls include the following information in your “description”:
1.your course;
2.your favorite book or novel of all time (and state why);
3.your favorite film of all time (and state why);
4.your favorite media practitioner of all time (any medium: newspaper, broadcast, multimedia, film, social media, etc), (and state why);
5.your favorite song/ music/ band/ songwriter of all time (and state why);
6.your favorite meal of all time (and state why).
7.”hobbies”, if any (optional).
     Those who do not have these will be asked to show or perform their own original composition in class as a description of themselves.
     There are several ways of producing your public profile:
1.Thru your own public site (thru free sites such as FB, Twitter, tumblr, wordpress, blogspot, etc)
2.or thru Gravatar (a free app/site),
3.or thru (another free site/app)
(although there is nothing absolutely free in the internet: advertisers buy your info, so just use your nicknames, not your full names.)
      If you’re using Gravatar or, the app automatically shows your avatar anywhere you post in the net, and in the comments section of this site, so you won’t have to embed, separately, your photo.
       There are two ways of submitting them in the comments section of this post: 1.By embedding, as in-line text; or linking the url of your own site (pasting the url of your site in the comments section). Simply click the comments box at the end of this post, then type: you may embed your public profile and avatar, or paste the link to your site where your public profile and avatar appear.
       If you are a recluse, or have zero presence in the internet, you may get the class email address from the department and email the requirement. You will need to FOLLOW UP the department to submit it to the handling faculty – the disadvantage of this procedure is — as experience shows – this takes more administrative steps; any delay will be counted against the student for failure to follow up efficiently.
       A one-pager directory will be routed manually (print) in class where the student will be asked to write their email address and “name of person to contact in case of emergency” and that person’s contact info. This document is confidential and no one is allowed to borrow or to photocopy it.
       Those who fail to submit an avatar and public profile will not be allotted an electronic classcard and will not appear in the electronic class record. Those who are not allotted a classcard and do not appear in the class record will be considered a fictitious character. Their grade will be given by Talim of the Village of the Wind Deity.