Chess , University community dog of the #UniversityofthePhilippines #UPDiliman

Chess,  University community dog of the University of the Philippines

( UP Diliman )

       Last week, she followed me

when i went looking for Cotton. 

(Photo android-shot  that  day  last  week) 

      So, after that,

      before looking for Cotton,

      i   fed  her  first,

      gave her drinking water,

     left more food and water and told her to stay.

     She still followed me —

      in the pouring rain,

     outside the umbrella,

   she followed me all the way to the other building

     until we found Cotton.

      Who said dogs were just

     all about food

     (getting food from a human) ?

      Why would she

    leave her food

    and her shelter

      and follow me

     even getting drenched in the                   rain…

              We call her Chess.