#PresidentDuterte #Du30 granddaughter Isabelle Duterte shows off her dance moves at her 5-star hotel bday party

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President Duterte’s granddaughter, Isabelle Duterte, showed off her dance moves at her fab birthday party held at the grand ballroom of a plush five-star hotel in Manila, regaling guests with five costume changes of designer-outfits during the gourmet first-class five-course dinner (scroll down below for the presidential granddaughter’s dance video, wait a few seconds to pixelize; the soundcloud pod below can also play on mobile devices by clicking “Listen in browser”)



Video phone-shot by one of the guests, maconcepcion.doctor, embedded here from her public facebook account, used here non-commercially for academic purposes.

Breaking: PDEA Director dismantles Oplan Tokhang & Oplan Double Barrel

first posted here at 11:21am Oct12

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Breaking: PDEA Director dismantles Oplan Tokhang and Oplan Double Barrel

      Happening now: Interview of PDEA Director Aaron Aquino by News to Go anchors Kara David and Howie Severino:

      PDEA Director Aaron Aquino in answer to a query said he was dismantling Operation Tokhang and Operation Double Barrel as all operations and activities in pursuing illegal drug suspects have been transferred to the PDEA.

   No details were released by the PDEA Director on how they planned to conduct the anti-drug operations except to say that they had 2,000 personnel and would be wearing green PDEA  shirts as their uniform.

     This came when, less than 72 hours after the release of the SWS survey on an 18% steep fall in the President’s satisfaction rating, the President immediately transferred supervision and control over the war against poor drug users, este, er, the war against illegal drugs, to the PDEA. 

   (might we suggest a more rational operation to the PDEA: go for the big fish — they’re swimming in the ports of entry, bays and harbors, and wading in plush villages… But what about those responsible for the massive killings?