Duterte appoints new spox: former pastor/ educator/ columnist/ theology expert, angel Abella. Stroke of genius.

Duterte appoints a new spokesperson: A former pastor/ educator/ columnist/ theology expert — from the looks of it , an angel on earth– Ernie Abella. Stroke of genius.

      After three surreal, literally midnight press conferences, resulting in eerie pronouncements on journalist killings [such as: “Kaya namamatay (“The reason they get killed”) karamihan niyan nabayaran sila (“most of them are on the take…) They take sides or sobrahan nila ang atake (they will attack too much) getting personal.”], and bizarre behavior such as wolf-whistling a female reporter, all resulting in bad press, all resulting in unnecessary loss of precious political capital, President-elect Duterte finally recognized the problem (“Houston we have a problem”), called upon the heavens and not Houston — perhaps even meditated in one of his silent moments — and with a stroke of divine inspiration,  came up with a new appointment, replacing his erstwhile spokesperson who was supposed to be in charge of messaging and press relations: Meet the new appointment: a columnist and theology expert, former pastor, educator: former board member of the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches, Philippine Missions Association, and Koinonia Theological Seminary  Ernie Abella. Based on the background information, and from the looks of it, the new spokesperson is practically an angel on earth 

          … you can almost hear Du30’s thoughts while appointing him …. (using my best Duterte impersonation in Visayan language): “Mabuti nga itong  anghel  ang i-appoint ko…. puros kami may sungay dito… 🙂 “  (hwag ka magalit)

      Stroke of genius. His second rational move so far.

     (however, he moved around his former spokesperson and his dear friend, the Ampatuan massacre lawyer, to the position of presidential legal counsel. Now, he understands PNoy who could not disappoint his appointee-friends even if they were politically costing him)