UPDATED. Media 230 M230 8th Issue (Final Issue) 2nd Project (Final Project)

UPDATED. Media 230 M230

8th and Final Issue 

2nd Final Project Description and Deadline: As stated in class. A discussion should be provided by the class member, explaining the choices he/she made and providing reasons and justification, without which , the score is zero. 

(a class member should separate each of his/her posts with the proper heading/title as described in class,  for ease of checking and recording. Tnx.)

Media 230 M230 Preparation for the 2nd and Final Project (10 pts) ( 7th Issue )

Media 230 Preparation for the 2nd and Final Project (10 pts)
As preparation for the comparative evaluation of news media organizations, please submit five news events that will be compiled into a common list for the class to be used for the next series of posts (you may use those mentioned in class; first-come-first-credited basis: Items in a class member’s submitted list may no longer be used by other class members. It pays to be prompt). Deadline is on Friday, November 22, 2019 at 4pm.