M230 4th Issue Deadline extended to March 19 at 11:59pm

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M230 4th Issue Deadline extended to March 19 at 11:59pm

    Regular Issue for 10 pts: Proposed guidelines/ provisions/ stipulations in a MOA (memorandum of agreement) / regulations/ etc. , as stated and assigned in class (members of the class signed up for their topic last week ).

    Bonus Issue, additional 10 pts: Evaluation as presented by each class member last week in class.

    Please open a separate post for each and label accordingly for ease of recording (whether “Regular” or “Bonus”, separate the post. Tnx.)               Deadline for both is next week March 19 Thursday at 11:59pm.

    Stay healthy!

M230 First Issue: Empirical Data personally documented with Bonus.

Media 230 First Issue: Empirical Data personally documented

For class members: Due to data privacy considerations, please email the entries/posts/comments to the  handling faculty on or before the deadline. Do not post them here. As email: Do not redact  the names and details  anymore for verification as these will be kept in confidence in the email. Tnx.)

   Instructions: As stated and discussed in class. 

    Bonus: Extra points will be given for class members who can survey an additional five respondents.

   Deadline: Feb. 10, 2020 Monday at 11:59 pm (before midnight) .

    In order to get the full points, the class member should be prepared to give a critical discussion of the data in class next meeting.