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Engineer Gualberto Lambino Jr. ( Engr. Gualberto Lambino Jr. ) “Kuya Junior” : A 2020-vision clear Happy Birthday, on a clear sunshiny day, all days all years, with family, friends, peers!

 tap the play arrow (if on mobile, click “Listen in browser”) on the soundcloud pod below to play Engineer Gualberto “Jun” Lambino ‘s all-time favorite guitar riff which he himself can play anytime from the top of his head



Engr. Gualberto Lambino Jr.

(Engineer Gualberto Lambino Jr.)

“Kuya Junior” :

    A 2020-vision clear

               Happy Birthday

    On a clear sunshiny day

                       and on all days

                             and in all years,

                with family, friends,

                                         and peers!