Arm Press Pose 4 d ARMM celebrations. To our Muslim brothers & sisters in ARMM & everywhere: Happy Eid’l Fitr!

Arm Press Pose

for the ARMM



Region of Muslim

Mindanao): To our Muslim

brothers and sisters ih ARMM

and everywhere: Happy Eid’l


What i lack in execution and

form i make up for in…pink

production design.

Who does ashtanga

yoga in an all-fuschia

gear anyway…? It’s

the feast of the end of


This is the Arm Press

Pose (or an attempt); originally

in Sanskrit, and called

bhujapidasana; bhuja means

arm (or shoulder), pida means

pain or pressure (next time,

instead of saying “Ouch!” i will

say “Pida!”) while asana, as you

know by now, means pose.

(Credits: as shown in earlier blog posts)

Happy weekend!

Happy Eid’l Fitr!