Law on Mass Media First Exercise with Bonus Deadline Sept. 4 Wednesday

Law on Mass Media and Communication First Exercise 10 points with Bonus for an additional 10 points Deadline Sept. 4 Wednesday at 5pm (to give the handling faculty time to check the entries)

     The FIRST EXERCISE of the Law on Mass Media and Communication with deadline on Wednesday at 5pm September 4, 2019 (to give the handling faculty time to check the entries)   can be posted here (in the comments section). Class members may also submit a bonus post IN ADDITION to the regular post, with the same deadline (the bonus post should be separated: open a separate comment box , and indicate “BONUS”  for ease of recording the points). In order to be fair to class members who work hard, any late post (or posts submitted after 5pm Wednesday Sept. 4) will be considered “forfeit” or for zero points.

      The constitutional provision or principle being illustrated should be spelled out in the heading (constitutional provisions and principles that form part of the as the “Introduction to the Constitution” section of the course). The description and required content of the first exercise and the bonus post have been stated in class and in the syllabus.