#universityofthephilippines #UPDiliman faculty council reviews & approves 3 years’ work of curricular proposals

#universityofthephilippines #UPDiliman faculty council reviews & approves 3 years’ work of curricular proposals

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android-shot yesterday afternoon: The campus-wide regular meeting of the faculty (the “University Council”, the highest academic policy-making body of the University consisting of all assistant professors, associate professors, and professors) which convened  to officially approve the graduation of students and and the official list of 2018 graduates of the University of the Philippines Diliman, and to examine, review, and approve more than three years’ work of curricular proposals — held at the spanking new School of Statistics auditorium — bright, spacious, and cool.

#OPM #NowPlaying reverse-remix Levi Celerio Ang Pipít (The Lark)

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Ang Pipít (The Lark) composed by Levi Celerio, reverse-remixed 


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Monday- &- Friday person #NowPlaying Monday, Monday (cover)

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… a “motivational speaker” who spoke at a graduation ceremony said that a person in his/her 30s had only 21,000 days ahead, at best, so one should choose a job that one loves; and such a person is a Monday person (who looks forward to the week ahead) rather than a Friday person (who looks forward to the weekend)… so one should make each day count and live life like there are less than 21,000 days ahead blah-blah-blah…

    …But i’m both a Monday person and a Friday person and  peak in the midweek (Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday) — and most people in this country don’t have jobs so they’re forced to work abroad …

     just sayin’…

     and those who have “good jobs” or who like their work don’t think about dying or deaths (or the limited number of days),  we try to do well and live well because we want to have more and better days …

     motivational speaker — cliché-er. 

      … and you’re hearing Monday , Monday… from The Papas and the Mamas ,  i googled it.

    A happy week ahead of you!