#atthemoment #atm on dry land (Gravity XIV)

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at the moment, android-shot, on dry land (Gravity XIV )

“… and i wriggle like a fish

                                  caught on dry land…”

(written and composed by Sting, originally performed by the songwriter)



over easy

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when we were children, we were fed raw eggs …

(nowadays, you’re not supposed to eat raw eggs because you could get salmonella infection from it… (we grew up healthy… wala namang nangyari sa ‘min…) )

      McDonald’s in the US temporarily stopped serving their green salad because of reports of salmonella infection; 30% of those infected had eaten McDonald’s salad a few days before the onset of symptoms.

        Kellog’s Honey Smacks has also been recalled from grocery shelves because the CDC reported it has been linked to 100 cases of salmonella infections.)

       As for sunny side up: According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, 1 in every 50 consumers of over easy eggs are exposed to salmonella infection.

   If you must: make sure the egg was flipped at least once over, or the frying oil was being swept over the surface of the egg when frying. The egg white should be fully cooked and the egg yolk is about to jell… medyo lutó naman ito… i like over easy, i’ll still grab a sushi, fresh oysters (doused with vinegar),  a salad — just make sure they’re all from  a reputable source, always be abreast of the news and don’t grab them when there are reports of infection.


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