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        and blocks

                 and crowds

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(the soundcloud audio on autoplay is a cover. there’s a teeny-weeny sharp on one teeny broken piano key of this cover; after “…your winter coat” and before “it doesn’t feel right…” hardly noticeable. The original is in the vid below the soundcloud pod; the songwriter himself, Wrabel, plays and renders his own song live. Minimalist, too: click the soundcloud pod to stop the autoplay and click the youtube vid below the soundcloud pod for the original — happy listening) 

@postaday @WordPressdotcom #Weekly #Photography #Challenge #Wish ( University of the Philippines Carillon )

                   “For her

                         everything was red,


                  gold-red from the sun

             on the closed eyes,

and it all was that color,

        all of it,

          the filling,

             the possessing,

                     the having,

                    all of that color,

                        all in a blindness

                                    of that color.”

                            – Ernest Hemingway, “For Whom the Bell Tolls”, Chapter 13

shot with an android on a blue and white morning by blog admin, of the University of the Philippines Carillon : A 136-foot tower of 46 ancient copper and bronze bells tolled sometimes as an expression of the hopes and wishes of the University community for justice and peace …


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