Part of the Res Gestae

On-the-spot narrative of  the incident at 6:15am today June 27, 2020 as part of the res gestae (names and places redacted), the hurriedly handwritten report/complaint  filed at 6:15 am today five minutes  after the incident complained of (i have a notepad and ballpens in the glove compartment of the vehicle)

June 27, 2020
6:15 am
Parking Lot of ____________

FOR: The ___________ (name of office)
FROM: Atty./Asst Prof. Marichu C. Lambino
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 

COMPLAINT versus ____________

       Five minutes ago, at about 6:10 am, after I had asked permission from the security guard on duty at the Parking Lot of _______________, which was TWO BLOCKS FROM WHERE I LIVE, and while I was completing a moderate 30-minute run around the rotunda , ALL ALONE WITH NO ONE IN SIGHT WITHIN  A  5-KILOMETER RADIUS VERY EARLY IN THE MORNING STARTING AT 6am, on my 15th minute, a _______ _________ (occupation of the person) whom I later found out was named _______________ got off his motorbike and tried to approach me, I told him not to get physically near me because I might catch a virus from him. And he said he wanted to approach me to prohibit me from being in the area because of a memo, I introduced myself and said moderate exercise in a secluded area while ALONE was allowed and that I got permission from the security guard on duty, and he continued to approach me and I said he should not physically get near me as I might get infected and he answered “Sobra naman, wala akong sakit” and he continued to approach me and I raised my voice in order to get the attention of any other person in the buildings and asked him to give his name and I further introduced myself stating my name and my work and that was when he stopped physically getting near me when I raised my voice. (Then, two casual male bikers came along, and he did not accost them, only me. Perhaps because I was female. )

      This is to hereby file a complaint for harassment against said ________ for trying to physically approach me and get near me while I was peacefully running ALONE by myself on the rotunda of the _____________ at 6:15 am today.