UPDATE on the 4th Bonus Law on Mass Media

  • UPDATE on the Fourth Bonus, Law on Mass Media:

UPDATED today Sept. 10: For Law on Mass Media students: FOR THE FOURTH BONUS: Since you are taking up Law on Mass Media in this section and have been provided with sufficient discussion on specific rights and duties as laid down in the Constitution and statutory provisions, you need to illustrate through this exercise that you know how to apply what you learned. Generalities such as “rights under the law” or “human rights violations” are too vague for a student taking up Law on Mass Media in this section. Failure to specify the constitutional and statutory provisions as basis of your answer (in this case, the demand letter) will result in a score of zero. Second, the letter-request or demand letter should state that it is being made in order that the party requesting would not be compelled to resort to administrative, civil, and criminal remedies etc. (If your request is denied, you would need to send a more strongly worded demand letter and to prepare your appeals … if you have no lawyer or no access to legal assistance, you would need to consult textbooks on Remedies and Legal Forms to see the template.). Finally, please check your grammar and syntax not for anything else, pero para hindi pagtawanan sa sinulat — maaari ring isulat sa Filipino o Pilipino kung mas kumportable kayo rito.
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