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gathered the following stories: 

“Terror suspect eyed in killing of Pinoy soldier”, Sun Star;

“Source code review for canvassing system starts”, Vera Files; 

“U.S. diplomats believed Jack Enrile link to shooting incident, WikiLeaks bares”, Yahoo Philippines;

” Lahad Datu: Nine more detained in Beluran over Sabah incursion”, The Star (Malaysia);

“Does the Nuclear Threat From North Korea Affect You?”, The New York Times;

“Gunman dead, officer wounded as Georgia hostage standoff ends” Reuters News

Ga. Gunman Holding 4 Firemen Hostage Killed; Hostages OK”, the Associated Press thru TIME;

Solutions for digital fraud from allvoices.com; 

“The Revolution is Being Televised. The story of six Syrian activists who risk their lives to capture the horrific daily realities of the conflict.” Al Jazeera…

And some health news: “One of the World’s Tiniest Cycling Tracks” TIME Video;

Creepy Creatures Fight Disease, Infection and More”, Readers Digest;

“Study shows pain really is all in your head, and you can see it”, NBC news;

“9 Natural Upset Stomach Remedies”, Readers Digest

“8 Energy Boosting Foods” by Readers Digest; 

“Vegetarian recipes: Chick pea and vegetable curry”, Vegetarian Society…

And on the home front:

“Home Decor Trends for 2013” Good Housekeeping; 

“Summer Stain Removal”, Readers Digest;

Plus, the glitterati (“aa-aand… i’m telling you…” Dreamgirls):

“What Celebrities Can Teach Us About Death”, TIME;

British Vogue Agrees to Model Code of Conduct to Improve Working Conditions” style.time.com;

“MC@Play with Charli XCX” (music review), Marie Claire;

May 2013 cover shoot: Scarlett Johansson. Marie Claire…

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4.092 displaced Pinoys; China land exercises in Spratlys, & more

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4,092 displaced Pinoys, China in Spratlys28Mar, 13 What’s Trending marichulambino

” 4,092 Pinoys have fled Sabah as of March 26″ (rappler); 

“China holds landing exercises in Spratlys” (sunstar)

“Agbimuddin Kiram remains in Sabah, says niece” (inquirer);

“Kiram kin killed in Sabah” (rappler); “Requests for Comelec control swamp poll body:” (inquirer);

“Traffic builds up at NLEX amid Holy Week exodus” (abs-cbn);

“Philippines turns trash into clean energy windfall” (Agence France Presse thru Yahoo);

“China’s Dead Pigs Expose Illegal Farms” (Global Voices); and more stories —

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Holy & heel: Monday morning news

Good morning! Here’s your Monday news: Holy and Heel, read it all in: 

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    Palm Sunday Holy Week rituals in the Philippines (stories and photos from Yahoo Philippines);

 ♠  Malaysia says Sabah under control (Inquirer)

  4 dead 2 hurt in Sulu troops, Malaysian forces clash in Sabah (Inquirer, Rappler);

 Malaysia says 2 children killed in clashes were Sulu force “accomplices”; Sulu forces in small groups lure Malaysian troops in clash; caught Sulu combatant confirmed as Datu Amir Bahar Hushin Kiram (all from thestar.com of Malaysia);

plus MaribuBot the tireless robot news aggregator gathered the following stories for you:

  Mursi warning chills Egyptian opposition (Reuters);

  German neo-Nazi cell found bigger (Reuters); Rebels seize capital of Central African Republic (New York Times);

Health News: Vegetarian recipes: 

  Roast Vegetables & Smoked Tofu Plait;   Smoked Garlic & Artichoke and Roasted Butternut Squash Risotto with Lemon Asparagus in a Balsamic Dressing (Vegetarian Society)

   “As Craft Beer Gets Bigger, Will It Become More Like Big Beer? Or Perhaps Wine?” (TIME); 

  On the environment: “Can shark conservation salvage the blue economy?” (Al Jazeera);

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MaribuBot news: Sabah, Tubbataha, Comelec, cancer cures, recipes: aduki cabbage, curly kale

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Sabah, Tubbataha, Comelec, cancer cures, recipes: aduki cabbage, curly kale, read more at: 

 Sabah, Tubbataha, Comelec, cancer cures, vegMarch21, 13 What’s Trending marichulambino

♠  3,568 have fled Sabah; 1 Filipino combatant killed 1 Malaysian soldier wounded; PNoy assures legal aid for detained Filipinos in Sabah; Malaysia buries fatalities in Sabah; Malaysia: Azzimudie left Sabah March 11;  

ψ  Tubbataha rehabilitation to take years;  USS Guardian hull to be chopped;

Θ  Man dies after eating puffer fish; Malaysian held by Abu Sayyaf for 2 years released

Σ  Election watchdog asks Comelec: brace for the worst after it “failed” automated preps; political dynasties from Ilocos Norte;

↑  “Cancer dream teams: road to a cure?”; “Garbled text message may be stroke’s only symptom”; “How vaccine scares cast shadows over science”; sleep facts; “Study: women abused as kids more likely to have autistic children”; global alert over deadly bat virus;

♥  Restaurant listings in Manila; Vegetarian recipes: tofu and aduki-filled cabbage leaves with chunky tomato sauce; curly kale and potato cakes; and more, more at Sabah, Tubbataha, Comelec, cancer cures, vegMarch21, 13 What’s Trending marichulambino