J101 7th Wk #LiveTweets (live-tweet on ACLE) Deadline to post here: Saturday March 23

J101 7th Wk #LiveTweets (live-tweet on ACLE) Deadline to post here: Saturday March 23

     On occasion of the Alternative Class Learning Experience (ACLE) sponsored once every semester by the Office of the Chancellor, the student councils, and the student organizations, live tweets of class members should be on their attendance and participation in ACLE activities  with deadline on 

Saturday March 23, 2019 at 11:59pm.
The following are some of the ACLE activities from dozens available on campus:
1.UP Corps of Sponsors: Basics of self-defense: Strong Mind, Strong Body, Classroom 1, UP DMST Complex;
2.UP Travel Society: varied tips and tricks encompassing efficient preparation techniques, proper traveler practices, and comprehensive catalogs of the best hiking and trekking experiences near Metro Manila;
3.UP Euro: “Transcending Borders : On the Pertinence of International Relations and European Studies in the Philippines”;
4.UP Batangan & UP Mountaineers: Batulao: An ACLE about the Outdoor Adventures in Batangas and Responsible Tourism;

   5.UP Babaylan:”i love you and i love them too”An ACLE on polyamory & consensual nonmonogamy, ft. Dr. Anna Tuazon & Mr. Danger Gaerlan;
…and dozens more ACLE activities.
Cotton, the quarter- academic- oval- roaming U.P. community dog,   in between his TV interviews (his seventh over the weekend) will also be giving an ACLE demo and discussion (non-verbal on his part) on Thursday at 1pm at the auditorium.

     Class members who can accompany their tweets with a photo will be given bonus points.
Happy exploring!

J101 #3rdWkLiveTweets only for those present (12 class members)

#3rdWkLiveTweets News Tweets Diagnostic (only for class members who were present in class when the elements of news and qualities of news were discussed, as this is an application of the theories taken up: 12 class members present) 

(Photo provided by Pexels from the WordPress free stock photo library, used here non-commercially for academic purposes)