#atm Zuckerberg b4 Senate: FB could not delete sites abetting mass slaughter of Rohingya in Myanmar within 24 hours

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#atm Zuckerberg testifying before the U.S. Senate: Facebook could not delete sites that sent messages on how to commit mass slaughter of Rohingya children, women, men, in Myanmar within 24 hours. Earlier, he apologized for the data breach of about 87 million users. Senators failed to pounce on the following information from Zuckerberg: There are tens of thousands of apps that have access to Facebook users’ data (FB monetizes FB users’ data by allowing advertisers to target users based on their data.). The Senators have failed to use this hearing to make Facebook accountable: Demand Zuckerber to disclose who/what these “tens of thousands of apps” are that have access to FB users’ data. FB users have the right to know who are using their data. Are all of them as benign as sneaker companies and car manufacturer advertisers? NOTHING HAS COME OUT OF THIS HEARING, THEY’RE HANDLING HIM WITH KID GLOVES. Stop asking how he’s running Facebook. Demand information from him: Give us a list of who and what companies/groups/ apps have access to users’ data. All.