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my widgets are tucked in a page that opens by clicking the icon above that looks like three horizontal lines ≡

(widgets are parts or snippets of a site, such as the comments box,  categories, tags, archives, the “about”, etc.,  that open up when the corresponding embedded code or app rendered as readable “short links”/ or as readable words, are clicked).  

    And oh by the way, for the week’s photo challenge: happy  weekdays  to  Wordpress users and “likers” (pls click their avatars and public profiles in the previous post): elleturner4 in the United Kingdom;  septicalvar in India;  Rotten Ray in the United States;  Hamburg und Mee(h)r in Germany; Archita, U.S.; Bams Triwoko in Indonesia;  mrscarmichael in U.K. (also a c0mmenter); Ileana Partenie in Romania; 9step in Germany; NW Frame of Mind, U.S.; Nature on the Edge in South Africa; artandkitchen in Switzerland; Queenie in the U.K.; evilnymphstuff in Mauritius; shambolicliving in Australia; spannerr, U.K.; cynthiamc1, U.S.; R. , U.S.; Vladimir Brezina, U.S …  …


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About marichulambino

Pls visit my blog at marichulambino@wordpress.com, i post there daily; i'm not on Facebook/ Twitter or any social network site. Asst submitted this to VP for Acad last week upon request for faculty highlights/ bullet points for the University site: “TOWNS Awardee for Law (The Outstanding Women in the Nation’s Service) 2004-2007. "Marie Claire Magazine launch issue voted and listed as Top 25 Women Who Changed Our Lives (“Top 25 Women Who Rock”, Oct. 21, 2005). "Philippine Graphic Magazine voted and listed as the Top 25 Young Leaders for 2004, anniversary issue. "Award, 16th Anniversary, Ombudsman’s Office: 'selfless service, dedication, tireless efforts in assisting the Office of the Ombudsman for in the prosecution of the plunder case against former President Joseph Estrada'. "Citation for excellent public service, Special Prosecutor, Ombudsman’s Office for her work in the plunder case People vs. Estrada, Oct. 17, 2007 upon successful termination of the case. "Tribute, Philippine Collegian 2001 as 'private prosecutor, for integrity held above price, for service freely given, for truth steadfastly pursued, for embracing the ideals of the Philippine Collegian beyond the confines of the University.' "Award, St. Scholastica Student Council July 6, 2001 'for her undying patriotism, love and service to all her Filipino countrymen.' "Tribute, Konggreso ng Mamamayang Pilipino (KOMPIL) (Congress of Filipino Citizens) for helping in the fight against corruption in the highest offices of the land and for upholding justice, 2002. "1996 Award of Merit from U.P. Diliman: 'In recognition of her dedicated and exemplary services as U.P. Diliman Chief Legal Officer ...pioneering efforts, outstanding leadership, team-building skills, administrative competence...' "Visiting Forces Agreement case, delivered the oral arguments in the Supreme Court for main petitioner, Bayan, in Bayan et al vs. Executive Secretary. "Her case Posadas, Torres-Yu, & Lambino vs. Dizon (NBI), et al, on attempted invalid warrantless arrests on-campus, is now included in criminal law and criminal procedure textbooks, syllabus, and lectures in MCLE"

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