Comment and answer

Comment from schumey (on the Subic rape case):

      I have been following this case and watched its every twist and turn. I’ve even received hate mails because of it. The public prosecutors really missed the train and would have to face the consequences later in life. I hope the judge does see the facts. This case really is all about how the outcome will affect all of us. The international community as well is closely watching this. I may have been a biased individual but rape in whatever form and situation is rape. The law does not discriminate on the personality of the victim.

       I have been a big fan since I first saw you on TV during the Erap impeachment. My wife thinks you’re great. Welcome to blogging. schumey – November 24th, 2006 at 12:27 pm  


       Thanks thanks thanks. I copied and pasted your comment  as a post because….i’m a dunce there are instructions on how to make pages here in wordpress; but…. no time to look/ figure them out. Thanks again. I don’t know why you’re receiving hate mails though; I won’t bother to ask why because it might be an invasion of your privacy and this is open space. But my experience with semi-threatening text messages is: they’re done by professional operators, some powerful people have black operators that do that for a living. If they’re threatening or semi-threatening, you should talk to your colleagues and friends about them, there are some s.o.p.’s for that. Regards!                                               – marichu

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