Manny Paquiao

        I promised friends today I would write everyday in the blog site. Since i’m doing this when I’m resting, as entertainment,  they’re going to be sometimes  gibberish and unstructured. I had a classmate who was at the head of our batch in law school and so, that semester she was topping our midterms, we were having lunch at the very crowded CASAA canteen (College of Arts and Sciences Alumni Canteen- something) and in the middle of all the clanking of spoons and dishes and the din of students, she turned to me melancholically and said “I had wanted to be a gymnast…. that was what I really wanted to be…”  As I mentioned, this was already when she was topping the long exams; and in between munches, I said “ No, you don’t, maikli lang career ng gymnast (gymnasts have short careers), they’re only good until 19…” and she said, “Kahit na (Even so), that’s what I wanted to be…” Apparently it dawned on her, since we were already in third year and she was topping the finals that she would inevitably become a lawyer; she graduated at the top of our class a year later, like fourth, and she’s now the head of the legal department of a big multinational energy company that determines the fate of the country (I won’t say her name because it would be an invasion of her privacy). I just thought of it  now. If you were Manny Paquiao….. would you run for vice mayor; why would you  want to be vice mayor now when you have the adulation of the whole world, at the peak of your career, when you are breaking international records and making moves that have never been done before? When you made that move in the first round, you were leaning your head backwards away from Eric Morales then all of a sudden you connected with a powerful left hook, your opponent thought you were retreating and going farther away and all of a sudden your left fist leaps from nowhere sending him down against the ropes, nobody does that, and when the entire  humankind is enthralled with it,  you actually want to be vice mayor to some kid whose main selling point is…… wearing red flower-printed shirts (big flower prints)? Why would you do that? At a time when the world is at your feet and you need to perfect your moves, you would actually be the campaigner of a congressman who grovels at you by being the driver of your Porsche  just to be near you? Why would you even want to be near these leeches when you know they would just use you and bleed you till they could squeeze out the last ounce of popularity off you? Why? Why would you do that?  When you have a good three to five years and there will always be some young, hungry boxer who’d want to take your crown so you’d have to work harder, why would you let these parasites near you when you should be getting faster and stronger for the next three years so you could go and leave in a blaze?             

        Let’s see if he is a genius with his social affairs as he is in the ring.

        And that’s my silly blog entry.

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