Notes of students on: Children in the News

Posted chronologically (in the order that they were sent)“My Son” (Manila) by Pedro Coniconde, photo of a print published by the Vargas Museum. By blog administrator

notes posted by Haydee Bautista – Comm191 WWX | unedited by blog administrator

Quote “Just last week, I happened to watch “Umagang Kay Ganda”, the new morning show of ABS-CBN Channel 2, which also has a news segment like its counterpart on GMA 7, “Unang Hirit”. I chanced upon a news being reported by a newbie whose name I failed to listen to. The news was about a missing 3-year old child. It was suspected that the child was kidnapped inside the mall where she was brought by her mother. The mother was also shown, grieving. The news had a statement from the police, declaring that children are really targets of kidnappers because they are sold to childless couples abroad. But what struck me about the news is the field reporter’s comment after the video clip. It goes like this: “ang ating mga anak ay ating kayamanan. Hindi dapat sila pinababayaan.”

Quote “I understand that this is a way of reminding the viewers but it should also be noted that the comment was made within the news itself and somewhat sounds like blaming or accusing the mother of the missing child for her negligence. It can be said that this, in a way, violates article 4 of the News and Public Affairs heading of the TV Code of the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas. According to this, “programs of news analyses, commentaries and editorials shall be clearly identified as such and clearly distinguished from straight news.” Because the comment was made within the news, it gives the impression that it was a fact and that the mother, really, is the one to be blamed in the incident.

Jul 13, 5:41 AM” closed-quote.


Posted by student #6 unedited by blog administrator

Quote “One of the reports of 24-Oras was about a 13-year old girl who was raped by her father, grandfather,uncle and cousin. I waited for it to be reported, hoping that I would again have a case of ethical violation to be posted on Prof. Lambino’s blog. But instead of a violation, I saw a good practice in the way it was reported.

Quote “I can say that the news which was reported by Jiggy Manicad was handled and reported with care because they made sure that the victim wouldn’t be recognized by the viewers by showing only the back of her head, her feet and by blurring her images. The victim was given a pseudonym– Remy, instead of reporting her real name. The suspects were not shown on TV. Manicad only reported the reaction of the victim’s mother without having her appear on TV. He also interviewed the police to know the development of the case.

Quote “It’s not easy to report a rape case wherein the victim was raped by a relative because in trying to protect the victim there’s a possibility that the report would suffer because the viewers won’t get anything from it. But in this case, I think that the viewers were able to understand it even without the names and images of the people involved. Also, it was able to protect the reputation and future of the victim.(“United We Stand” by Damascus Community School, Syria, Second Grade Art Students, photo of a print published by UNICEF. By blog administrator)

Jul 17, 8:13 AM” closed-quote.


Posted by Jericah Regado |

Third Blog Entry
by Jericah Regado – Comm191/WWX
Unedited by Blog Administrator

Quote “During the week of July 2-6, TV Patrol ran a series of stories regarding a three-year old girl who was found dead in a river in Ortigas. On July 6, TV Patrol’s banner story was that it was the father, who was under the influence of drugs, who killed the child. Of course there was a short interview with the father and the police. And when the child’s mother saw the father, the former said bad words, physically hurt the latter, and sooner she broke down.

Quote “There are two points I want to raise here. I don’t think so that this kind of news deserved to be banner story. I believe banner stories should be of public interest, and should concern the whole country. The staff should have put national news and not crime news. This types of stories mislead the Filipinos of what they should consider as important issues that they should know. The viewers should be fed with the right kinds of news items so that they’ll be more informed and aware of the important issues in the country. This kind of news item, especially being the banner story, further degrades the Filipinos’ taste and doesn’t help uplift their intelligence.

Quote “Another practice that I found unethical here was that reporter Weng Hidalgo, and another from GMA 7, kept putting the mic near the mother’s mouth. The mother was saying bad words, and above all was grieving. I beieve that reporters should also be considerate in getting footages and voice clips. They should think of their subject’s situation, especially if it is tragic, before getting their materials. They should strike a balance between gathering materials and respecting their subjects. This kind of unethical practice is prevalent nowadays, especially in crime reports. I hope reporters will learn to respect their subjects and will not intrude the latter’s private times especially when they are in grief.

Jul 17, 10:16 AM” closed-quote.

One thought on “Notes of students on: Children in the News

  1. (unedited by blog administrator)

    The July 23 episode of Sis (a morning show of the Kapuso network) was about people with “special” talents wherein they’ve invited in their show some circus performers and also Kapuso stars who could do unusual acts. The episode was titled, “Ay Sus! Birit at Indak sa Circus!”

    Kyla showed her ala-gymnast moves and also showed that she could bend her pinkie finger to reach her wrist. Another guest, Gian Magdangal, showed that he could touch his eyeball. The camera got a close-up view of how he pushed his eyeball by using his bare finger. Che-che of the sexbomb dancers and Marky Cielo also showed some of their “stunts”.

    Apparently, the show is for entertainment but what is wrong with this is that they (people behind the show) did not put any disclaimer or warning which states that only professionals are capable of doing these acts. Neither did the 3 hosts advised the parents of the children who might be watching their show to guide their kids nor warned the kids not to imitate what their guests were doing.

    The people behind the show must not forget that they also have young viewers who might be affected by the things they show or discuss on TV.

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