Letter from one of Hillary Clinton’s supporters (thanks thanks for writing)

 (Photo by  www.hillaryclinton.com  (background “painted” by blog admin to match color of clothes) used here for educational, non-commercial purposes under the terms of use and download by said site. Thanks.)       


        I got a letter from one of Hillary Clinton’s supporters!. This one  is on a somber note, somewhat; the video was produced by, according to the letter-sender, the Women’s Media Center, uploaded in YouTube. I don’t normally go to YouTube, but since the video seems to be an original production (news video clips of a certain theme put together), i thought it was alright to embed it here.



Vodpod videos no longer available.
This video was produced by the Women’s Media  Center, uploaded in YouTube, sent by a viewer to this blog. (Thanks!)




more about “Women’s Media Center“, posted with vodpod

   Response to “Girl Makes History: Hillary Clinton’s speech in Washington 5 hours ago”9 Jun 2008 at 10:47 p06

From Mari

     Quote “Hi, Ms. Lambino !

     Quote “Your blog stands out among the many that I have chanced  upon. Thanks for featuring HRC today. I’m a Pinay here in the US and I’m still coming to terms with HRC’s loss. I thought I just wanna share with you a montage from the Women’s Media Center. It speaks for itself.


More power !” closed-quote.


Dear Mari,

     Wow. A letter from one of Hillary Clinton’s supporters, I am honored. Thanks thanks thanks.

     I was happy to see her on tv, 16,000 miles away,  speak yesterday. I think she won. When you look at this ten years from now, you would see:  she, and, you and her and your 18 million supporters won.  Here’s to the future and congrats!




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