Breaking news. Photos. for a daughter’s ransom. Saving Ces.


Photos of a television screen tuned in to ANC (ABS-CBN News Cable) at 2pm today, images used here for educational, non-commercial purposes.



The photos were being held up by PNP Chief Avelino Razon, that’s his hand holding the photo.


(w/ belated breaking news update) Of the publicly known allegations: On Mayor Isnaji and the kidnapping in Sulu

(Photo by Stocktrek Images. Headquarters Marine Corps Washington. Used here for  educational, non-commercial purposes, thru the free service by blog-use of image provided by and from . )


    (wait, oops, breaking news, there’s an on-going live press con by PNP Chief Avelino Razon, but it went on after i posted this, he might discuss the evidence there, i think as instructed by DILG Sec. Ronaldo Puno;  but i already wrote this)

     (breaking news, okay, this is on-going, the caption said he showed a photo of “Isnaji, company counting ransom money.)

      On whether there is a prima facie case against Mayor Isnaji and son for the kidnapping of  Ces Oreña-Drilon and her news team: this blog said yesterday that the blog admin  needed to see the evidence to give an opinion. That hasn’t been disclosed to the public, there’s a preliminary investigation set.  (i’ll discuss criminal procedure when i have nothing to write about, hahaha.)

     Of the publicly known “evidence”, this should be the bugging, puzzling, perplexing, has-to-be-resolved-or-else-we-will-have-insomnia question: (drumroll). (more drumroll):

        You said that the kidnappers were Abu Sayyaf. Yes? Yeeess.

       You said that Mayor Isnaji masterminded the kidnapping. Yes? Yeeesss.

       You said that…Mayor Isnaji is a central committee member of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF). Yes?…Yeeess…

        Then…if the kidnappers, as you confirmed, were  Abu Sayyaf, and Mayor Isnaji, as you said, masterminded the kidnapping, and Mayor Isnaji is a top leader of the MNLF, then the kidnappers were….(drumroll please. I want a drum roll and parallel directional lights  here):

          the MNLF?????? (i want a hush to fall here)

         An MNLF group posing as Abu Sayyaf?????? (i want murmuring from the audience here.)

        An MNLF group who had recruited the young sons of Abu Sayyaf leaders and have turned them into….MNLF fighters??????? (Silence. I want a zoom-in on the “resource person’s” face).

        I can’t hear your answer. Answer the question. Your Honor, instruct the witness to answer the question. Answer the question. If you don’t, you will be cited in contempt of court and detained…in the airconditioned staffroom until you answer. Answer.

      (i have nothing to write about on this except that “curiouser and curiouser” question (with apologies to Lewis Caroll). NO ONE’S ASKING IT!!!! I’ll wait for the evidence to be publicly disclosed, in the meantime, shouldn’t someone ask that question of the publicly known evidence?)

     UPDATE: The evidence has been disclosed in that press con (see breaking news above). NOBODY ASKED THE QUESTION!