Postscript. Comments in YouTube on the snippet-video. & excerpts Inquirer editorial

  Comments in YouTube on this snippet-video:

just one teeny-weeny bit: don’t pluralize evidence (it’s like “furniture”, “footage”, “equipment”, etc.– no plural form)


From vgabrie at  vgabrie   (1 day ago)

          “Over analyzing Ted Failon himself? I don’t think so.

          “Evidences on the crime scene has been cleaned up, all the forensic evidences gathered are inconclusive if not lacking; including the parafin tests done on Ted and Trina . Sworn affidavits from all parties concerned, many details don’t even jive

still of a video, ABS-CBN
still of a video, ABS-CBN



“Presumption of innocence? Sure, but there should be good evidences to support the whole story that happened – i.e., rules of evidence. Otherwise, talk is cheap.”






 From obalajadia at obalajadia    (1 day ago)  

           “Yes, it is over-analyzing Ted Failon. It stems from his status as a broadcaster. If such happened to an ordinary citizen like you and me, the barangay captain and his tanods will come to check the matter and will just confirm the matters to the municipal council and the police for autopsy and issuance of death certificate. That’s all. It happened to my acquaintances and relatives and what did you hear about those? Nothing. Because we are not Ted Failons. This is all political and media circus.”


 From thedens29 at  thedens29   (1 day ago)  

      “yes you have a good point. My point is hindi ko manlang narinig ang word Christianity o pag ka Cristiano ni Ted Failon. or familyang Failon. (All media are having unfair Practice) kung sa Muslim family ito I am sure they will say (those Muslim) or Muslim family. etc… “ 


 Excerpts: Editorial  Philippine Daily Inquirer


First Posted 01:52:00 04/25/2009

       “POLICE investigations are supposed to bring to light the crucial facts of a crime and provide a clearer picture of what happened.

         “With the case of Trinidad Arteche Etong, wife of popular broadcaster Ted Failon now fully in the hands of the National Bureau of Investigation, we hope that the investigation will finally move in this direction.

       “While the Quezon City Police District (QCPD) was handling the investigation, all it accomplished was to muddle the Etong case with disinformation, insinuations, speculations, and excessive use of force, in the process provoking national outrage against QCPD policemen and shifting the issue to police abuse instead of bringing the case closer to a resolution, and so it never came close to establishing whether Etong’s death was a case of suicide or parricide.

        “Take this for instance: Even as the details of the shooting of Etong remained hazy, a ranking QCPD officer was telling the media there were bruises on the popular broadcaster’s arms (in effect insinuating that husband and wife had a spat before the shooting) and that the shooting itself could have occurred inside one of Failon’s car. Both “leads” turned out to be false.

        “Such recklessness was matched only by Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez who relayed to the media a text message from an anonymous source, saying that a certain friend Delfin Lee was at the Etongs’ residence when the shooting happened and he helped move the wounded Ms Etong from a bed to the bathroom where Failon claimed he found her. xxx”




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