seated voters taking their long, sweet time: resulting in long queues & bottlenecks

This is my precinct.  i was at the schoolhouse at 7:30 am, at 8:07 am, i was the 89th voter, based on the PCOS count. About 20 minutes was spent in a queue to get the precinct number from two laptops of PPCRV volunteers (it was impossible to access the Comelec precinct finder so i went ahead to the schoolhouse). About 25 minutes was spent lining up at my precinct, but it was very congested, hot, and there was some confusion on which queue to follow.

Voting time (or the time spent from the moment the voter steps at the schoolhouse, to the time he/she gets out of the classroom)

could have been cut in half if the “masterlist” of voters (the list of all voters for the district) are posted in strategic places of the schoolhouse, instead of making the voters queue to ask to get the info from the PPRCV laptops. How difficult is it to photocopy several folders of the voters’ list and post them in several bulletin boards? These are public documents. I’ll pay for the xeroxing; anyone could have done that – anyone with common sense.

The long queue outside the classroom could be solved if  voters took a shorter time “deciding” – i saw the voters actually mulling a long time over whom to vote , oh for crying out loud, you had 90 days to think about: close your folder  if you don’t know whom else to vote and proceed to the PCOS machine. This is not a midterm exam. (it’s just too hot, sowee; okay, take your time — take all day.)

The PCOS machine took only two seconds to count (register) my vote. The teachers and Comelec personnel inside the classroom were efficient.

If only someone thought of reproducing the voters’ list.

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