thank goodness for the lucky color of the day! (& some unwritten stories on EDSA Dos)

The lucky color of the day says the morning show astrologer is…. aquamarine! my favorite font color. [with the caveat from her (i’m translating from Filipino, and i even put a little alliteration) that our destiny does not lie in the stars and  charts but in the steps and choices we make; or in our style and choices, i could have written “style and choices” you know)]

But sometimes….”little bad things” happen and…they are not the usual consequences of the little daily choices we make…..okay, that’s just me…

those “little bad things” flow logically from explainable mechanisms, the Universe does not have a consciousness that’s trying to send you a message – it’s metaphorical! Not literal! (ang kulit ko, i’m telling and lecturing this to myself, to stop me from having metaphysical interpretations) Make your choices and you will get where you want to go; no boulder will roll down a building in the middle of Metro Manila and fall on you unless…

unless you’re walking in a construction area where you shouldn’t be…. that’s not destiny, it’s… lack of conscious choices!…..gosh, stop me from gibberishing.

By the way, i saw Anthony Taberna’s “Punto por punto” (“Point by point” or “tit for tat”):  his guest, Jinggoy Estrada, as an aside, said that former Chief Justice Hilario Davide as then presiding Justice of the Erap impeachment trial, should have cited in contempt the prosecutors when they walked out. Well…as i recall, then CJ Davide tried to convene the impeachment court the next day, after the private prosecutors had walked out; the public prosecutors remained seated during the  walk-out. But when the impeachment court was convened again, nobody showed up. And, as i recall, there was a motion from one of the respondent’s lawyers for arrest warrants to be issued (as in, some kind of “contempt”) to haul back everybody to the impeachment court; and, as i was told when we were already on EDSA, then CJ Davide said something like, “what—you want me to arrest everybody on EDSA?” — or something like that; it had been paraphrased when related to me by those who still went to the impeachment court. We didn’t plan EDSA Dos (the private prosecutors); all that the more experienced private prosecutors like Romy Capulong and Toy Nepomuceno had immediately planned for that day was the safety and security of the witnesses and the younger private prosecutors in case there were arrests and shootings; and also, a meeting with the clients, people’s organizations, in front of the Senate. Then, EDSA Dos broke out. People in their millions acted in unison, in one collective choice.

I do not regret EDSA Dos, i regret that we did not oust Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo when she lied, cheated, and stole. —- But when people also in their millions, in greater numbers, decided to drive her out electronically through the automated elections, and install someone who did not have a record of plunder at least, don’t you think that was a wise choice, too?

And don’t you think that the sovereign, collective action is  a message? — that this is the chance to put a closure to the unfinished chapters of history. Don’t talk about the stars and the universe sending you a message, as if inanimate objects have a consciousness — talk about the people attaining a heightened consciousness  and acting on their collective choice — a choice that you should heed lest you suffer the fate of your predecessors.

(i gibberished my way to town today, didn’t i?)

comments are welcome anytime EXCEPT those with more than 12 links or 12 URLs pasted. Tnx)

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