#atthemoment #GoodMorning #LuckyColor for the day Apr. 19, 2016 for each #sign here

The lucky color for the day, April 19, 2016, Tuesday, for each birth sign of the lunar calendar, according to the morning show geomancer, is:

Rat ⇒ Yellow

Ox ⇒ Brown

Tiger ⇒ Violet

Rabbit ⇒ Red

Dragon ⇒ Green 

Snake ⇒ Peach

Horse ⇒ Yellow

Sheep ⇒ Red


Rooster ⇒ Melon

Dog ⇒ Blue

Pig ⇒ Gold

Be attentive on the streets, observe all safety precautions — and the law of probabilities will be on your side–  Good morning everyone!

#atthemoment #GoodMorning The #LuckyColor for today Apr. 6, 2016 for each #sign is here

     The lucky color  of the day for today April 6, 2016 for each birth sign, according to the morning show geomancer, is: 

Rat ⇒ Brown
Ox ⇒ Violet
Tiger  ⇒ Orange

Rabbit ⇒ Yellow

Dragon ⇒Green


Snake ⇒ Purple

Horse ⇒Red

Sheep ⇒Pink

Monkey  ⇒Brown

Rooster ⇒Blue

Dog ⇒Peach

Pig ⇒Gold

Good morning!



#LuckyColor for today Apr 5, 2016 for each #sign is here #atthemoment #GoodMorning

Rat ⇒ blue

Ox ⇒ Green

Tiger ⇒ Violet

Rabbit ⇒ Orange

Dragon ⇒ Brown

Snake ⇒ Red

Horse ⇒ Violet

Sheep ⇒ Orange

Monkey ⇒ Yellow

Rooster ⇒ Green

Dog ⇒ Blue

Pig ⇒ Brown

Good Morning!