seated pose, at peace with the wild flowers…

Part of Myra’s email today:

“Last week we received an

update re: a 2-year-old child

who was my patient. He was

brain- dead and was an organ

donor. It was a difficult case for

me and our staff. Last Friday we

got an update on the donor case

outcome. He was able to save

three lives. His right kidney was

given to a 45- year- old mother

of two. She was on the waitlist

for two and a half years. The

transplant was done in St.

Vincent’s Hospital in Los

Angeles ( Kuya Teng used to

work there a long time ago.) His

left kidney was given to a

48-year-old mother of five. She

was on the waitlist for five and a

half years. The transplant was

done in UCLA. His liver was

given to a 2- 1/2- year-old boy

who loves cars, trucks, and

books. He was on the waitlist for

13 days. The transplant was

done in UCLA.These miracles of

life i experience…. I’ve been

talking with somebody whom i

used to work with in PGH

(Philippine General Hospital),

and is now connected with a

Philipppine Medical Association

chapter here and they do

medical missions in the

Philippines, every two years. i

plan to go in 2012. I’m also

planning to coordinate with the

PGH nursing department

(people there whom i know) to

be like a volunteer consultant

and help in educating or

improving nursing care in

Pediatrics which is my specialty.

I’m also dreaming of getting my

Master’s in Nursing and to teach

in the future… ”

Yes. That’s her. My sister.

Reply from Myra (i asked

for permission to publish):

“Yes you can share it. I had a

moment alone with this boy

before he was brought to the

operating room as an organ

donor. I saw Woody and Buzz

Lightyear on his bed beside him.

I checked his hand, in his palm

there were pieces of cheetos

curls. I smiled, he must have

loved cheetos curls. I checked

underneath his sheet i saw more

cheetos around him. As we were

leaving the Pediatric Intensive

Care unit to the operating room

his family was singing a hymn, it

was beautiful and comforting

but very sad. A family member

called out “to infinity and


once, twice, thrice….. like Buzz

who saved the world, he was

indeed a hero. To infinity and


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