shot randomly. a few minutes ago. while escaping.

     it changes color depending on….

  xxx  xxx  xxx  xxx  xxx  xxx  xxx  

     haven’t posted anything in a while. which do you want, hard news or soft news? Hard: China does not recognize the U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea dispute-resolution.

    did not recognize it — yun nga kasi, you have to gather the…. 

   Neither did the U.S. ratify UNCLOS anyway…..

    Also, the MTD (Mutual Defense Treaty) applies only to attacks on the mainland or on non-disputed territory; it does not cover disputed territory. Gets mo?  

    Soft news: Filipino basketball reporters who covered the NBA have the best job in the world, the lucky guys. you’re being paid to watch from the best seats! it’s like those professional food critics — you’re being paid to eat and write.  


    Thank you to all those who viewed the blog even if the site admin wasn’t here — here and not here; four-day high three digits on a non-post day (on days without posts), thanks thanks! 


comments are welcome anytime EXCEPT those with more than 12 links or 12 URLs pasted. Tnx)

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