cool morning

the temperature in Metro Manila today, according to DZMM,  is a low of 24 degrees centigrade to a high of 32 degrees centigrade. That means, right now,  up to maybe about 7-ish in the morning, it would be as cool as summer in Baguio;  but at midday up to late afternoon, not that cool but not hot. You don’t need a jacket at midday (unless you’re in airconditioned spaces).

Sunrise is in about an hour and 14 minutes from now.

i’m too lazy to run….lemme see… in a bit…i have an 8:30am downtown southeast , but since i underslept i wish now it was at 6am so i’d be done. 

(i don’t have a blog category for this post! lemme see if i can find an original photo for it). Lazing around, lazing lazing for 20 minutes, okay, ta-tah, see you back here in a bit.


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