image (updated, typos corrected) Heroes

Myra’s Medical Mission

(correction: The group performed 60 plastic surgery cases. On the write up for Myra: years ago, she was a member of the post-op pediatric care of the surgery that separated Filipino conjoined twins Regina and Renata Fierros)

(Myra is a registered practising nurse in Los Angeles, California  and has been active in the American medical community for more than ten years now. She   was a member of the  post-op medical team/ pediatric care  of the  surgery that separated celebrated  Filipino conjoined twins Regina and Renata Fierros  years ago. She is presently  working  in the pediatric intensive care unit.)

From Myra: “I’m very glad I joined the Philippine Minnesotan Medical Association (PMMA) 2012 Medical and Surgical  Mission to Alaminos , Pangasinan last Jan.29- Feb.4. 

The  group of  77 doctors, nurses and other personnel  provided

free medical, surgical and dental services to thousands of clients. I’m so fortunate  I was able to work with the recovery room team and care for post-op pediatric patients who have undergone  repair of cleft lip and cleft palate. 

“These patients were unable to get surgical treatments before because they couldn’t afford the cost of surgery and hospitalization. 

“The group performed 60 plastic surgery cases, 28 ENT surgeries and 28 OB-gyne surgeries, multiple minor surgeries and dental procedures and saw hundreds of patients in OPD. 

 “The group worked hard and it was  a moment in time

that was  both inspiring and amazing.

“Some of the volunteers have done several medical-surgical missions in Africa and Central America.

“This is my first and I hope not my last…”

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