Public Acknowledgment

    My family and I wish to personally and publicly thank the management and staff  of the University Hotel (of U.P. Diliman 🙂 ) for  their excellent service and security,  and for taking care of my sister

(photo of my sister, Myra)
and myself, and  nephews, during our stay there.  The almost week-long reunion became memorable with  fully equipped and  comfortable rooms,  a sprawling restaurant-patio that serves seafood karekare (stew seasoned with peanuts);  and baked eggplants for vegetarians, and a host of seafood dishes and other staple fare with  light beer, wines, and other delights  for connoisseurs. The hotel also showcases a   a comforting health center at the basement  consisting of a massage therapy spa, sauna, fitness gym, and other health and recreation facilities. I recommend the Filipino “hilot” massage therapy to ease tired muscles.  Thank you to University Hotel Resident Manager Prof. Martin Gregorio and his staff. Very well polished! The facility is under the office of the Vice Chancellor for Community Affairs, under the office of the Chancellor. Thanks eveyone!



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