Happy Bday Prof. Tessa Jazmines! (Apr. 3, advanced celebration March 21)


(Poster produced by Anj)    

     Advanced Happy Birthday, Prof. Tessa Jazmines! (Apr. 3, advanced celebration March 21, 2pm, UPCMC auditorium):

          “ The Untold Story of the  UP College of Mass Com by Prof. Tessa Jazmines”, a talk show cum “reality tv” hosted by the Department of Journalism, a celebration of new beginnings, March 21 (last day of classes),  2pm auditorium. Everyone is invited! 

      (Did you know that… the first ever honor grad of Mass Com is:  the  indefatigable Prof. Tessa Jazmines! Happy Birthday!)

     (Did you know that the Dept of Journ was first housed in the  third floor of AS? More unbelievable stories – join us and bring your classes on March 21, culminating activity of Journ!)

      (Do you know in what nook secret lovers held their trysts — in the then newly constructed “institute of mass com” building? More juicy details on the last day of classes, March 21, human-interest-historical details of the UPCMC!)

      (Did you know that ___ & ____ were the Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt of Mass Com then? Don’t miss the revelations – mark the date:  March 21, 2pm, auditorium. SEE YOU ALL THERE!)



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