internet down no signal

internet down (it’s been reported) no signal.

xxx     xxx    

my host,  signal is lost

(With apologies to Jose Garcia Villa, Lyric 57)

“My most. My most. O my lost!

“O my bright, my ineradicable ghost.

(O my dark, my internet connection lost)

“At whose bright coast God seeks

“Shelter and is lost is lost. O

(Toast my internet is toast. O)

“Coast of Brightness. O cause of

“Grief. O rose of purest grief.

(Thief. O internet service provider thief)

“O thou in my breast so stark and

“Holy-bright. O thou melancholy

“Light. Me. Me. My own perfidy.

(Stark. You. You. Your service a pity.)

“O my most my most, O the bright

“The beautiful the terrible Accost.

(The horrible the unbearable stupid Cost.)

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