Breaking News. From as of 1pm: SC stops Cybercrime Law by TRO

Breaking News. From (online news of Channel 5) as of 1pm: SC stops Cybercrime Law by TRO.

“MANILA, Philippines – (UPDATE, 1:02 p.m.) The Supreme Court on Tuesday unanimously voted for the issuance of a temporary restraining order (TRO) stopping the enforcement of the controversial Cybercrime Prevention Act. All 14 justices were present. xxx


The TRO was issued as the high tribunal deliberated en banc on 15 petitions from various groups and personalities from the media, lawyers’ and free-speech advocates’ sectors, all seeking a halt to implementation of the Cybercrime Prevention Act. xxx”    ” –

     YES!  Unanimous.

    They read it. They know their constitutional law.

     A TRO from the Supreme Court is indefinite in character. It is effective unless set aside, and it becomes permanent when the SC decides in favor of the petitioners.

(Updated as of 5:20 pm: The SC in its resolution limited the TRO to only 120 days, oral arguments set: Jan. 15, 2013. Merry Christmas!)

     xxx (continuation of 1pm blog post)

Unconstitutional kayo, Senado, Konggreso, Malacañang ! On your faces, er,  este, on its face, the law is unconstitutional. “On its face” means just by a reading of the text. 

     Ipinilit pa ng Malacañang — violative of the right to be secure in one’s person, houses, papers, and effects,  the right to privacy of communication and correspondence,  the right against double jeopardy, the right to freedom from prior restraint,  the free speech clause, etc. etc.

    Mabuhay ang lahat ng netizens na pumalag at hindi pumayag sa Cybercrime Law!

      (Salamat di na madilim ang blog ko)  

      See previous blog post, below, for context, posted five hours before issuance of TRO:

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