Janet Lim-Napoles to Roxas Blvd Nov. 7

Last month, the blog posted that Janet Lim-Napoles could be brought to the Senate on a Senate subpoena only upon order of the RTC Makati.

     The Senate had issued a subpoena, and yesterday afternoon, the RTC Makati announced that it would allow the accused Lim-Napoles to be transported to Roxas Boulevard on Nov. 7 to to attend the Senate hearing, according to the news dailies. i guess… the clerk of court typed up or would type up an order for the judge’s signature. Or… i guess the judge made the announcement in open court with the parties present so it had the effect of an order. 

      Normally… unless an emergency is involved, before the Court moves the body of the accused around, across cities, etc.,  it issues an order and the accused’s lawyer and next of kin is informed (normally — if it is not an emergency — the parties are notified beforehand).

     Normally, the procedure followed here is, the PNP appears before the judge in open court and informs him/her that there is a need to move the accused around, etc. etc.

       So i guess… the judge followed the normal procedure for non-emergency moving around of the accused… 


Catch SC Orals PDAF Pork Barrel here live (real time) 2pm today

Catch the oral arguments on the legal challenges to the constitutionality of the PDAF/ pork barrel here in the Supreme Court at 2pm today, live, real time, in the embedded Supreme Court YouTube channel below (the Supreme Court allowed audio live streaming only; the screen below is still blank, with a timer on how much time left before the start of the oral arguments; stand by until 2pm):