Mang CV Flores stars in MMFF New Wave Entry “Mamang Pulis” by Hannah Espia

(Mang CV, in one lunch break a couple of years ago, shot a couple of yoga videos using my small digicam; two samples of which are embedded here (the first video, “good” yogi; the second video, “lazy” yogi — below this writeup. You can hear his voice giving directions)

From ”Spotlight On: “Mamang Pulis” (Mr. Policeman) – 2013 MMFF NEW WAVE ENTRY (Animation) UP Film Institute’s property custodian, “Kuya CV” Flores wanted to be a policeman, but instead became a policeman of film equipment and film students.

“Mamang Pulis (Mr. Policeman)is produced, directed, written, animated and edited by Hannah Espia, starring CV Flores. The film is in Filipino w/ English subtitles with Ice Idanan (Cinematographer) and Gerry Roxas (Assistant Editor)


“Conrado Villanueva “CV” Flores, who plays himself in this animated feature was the property custodian at the University of the Philippines Film Institute from 1978-2012 and yes, he wanted to be a policeman.

“ “Mamang Pulis” is an animated documentary about Conrado Villanueva “Kuya CV” Flores, the property custodian of the University of the Philippines Film Institute from 1978-2012. The said short documentary, talks a little bit about the history of the UPFI, and the future of student film makers. But most of all, according to Espia “Mamang Pulis is a tribute to UP Film Institute’s well-loved property custodian and is a love letter to the past and future students of cinema.”

“ “Mamang Pulis” – Official Entry of the MMFF NEW WAVE ENTRY (Animation).

“All 13 entries of the MMFF New Wave Films (Full Length, Animation and Student Short Films categories) are shown at Glorietta 4 in Makati City and SM Megamall cinemas in Mandaluyong on December 19 to December 24 for only P100.”


Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected

The certified death toll from Typhoon Yolanda (Typhoon Haiyan) has breached the 5,000 mark at 5,209, not counting the dead who had been buried by their own families and not reported, the missing who may or may be among those unidentified  documented fatalities, and not counting cadavers found but not certified by local officials.

    For the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenges, this blog will be featuring images of the brave men, women, and children of Eastern Visayas who bore the brunt of Typhoon Yolanda.

      This photo was sent in the email by a student, shot by Philippe Lopez of Agence France Presse, of some of the survivors of Typhoon Yolanda, published here  non-commercially for the

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected

 the unexpected walk

to a new life by

some of those who emerged from the death and destruction


Lawyers based in UP Diliman & Tacloban to sponsor 1 gen set to light 1 barangay in Tacloban, pls join us

Lawyers based in UP Diliman & Tacloban are sponsoring one generator set to light one barangay in Tacloban: please join us

From Atty. Owens Disini: (Background of this FB message: Atty. Patrick V. Santo lost his father, Atty. Papiano Santo, in the aftermath of super-typhoon Yolanda. Atty. Patrick V. Santo and Atty. Torks Buban hail from Tacloban and are well-known private practitioners . Atty. Owens Disini is the chief legal officer of U.P. Open University, Atty. Ana Bernad is the deputy general counsel for corporate affairs of U.P.. We’re doing this in our private capacity as friends of Atty. Patrick  Santo.   Here we are when we were with the U.P. Diliman Legal Office:     


Here’s the FB message from Atty. Owens Disini) “Dear classmates, Patrick Santo wants to thank everyone for the kind words and condolences he received for his Tatay Paping. He texted me today his account number in Tacloban. For those who wish to send their “abuloy”, it is BPI, J. Romuladez – Tacloban City Branch, Savings Account No. 1126-0191-33. However, an alternative that he suggested is for us to contribute to buy a generator set that he can use and share with his ka-baranggay. Patrick said he just needs the most basic and standard generator (maybe at least 2 hours). He said we can give it to Torks (Atty. Torks Buban) who may have a way of bringing it to Tacloban. So far, I have collected Php23,000 from Eddie V., Lindy and from me & JJ. I need your suggestions on this, please. Thanks.”

        Please join us.  

      Mommy (Lydia C. Lambino, Los Angeles, California) sent her support with condolences and encouragement today , c/o Atty. Ana Bernad (i dropped by the 3rd floor office).

     Please join us in lighting one barangay in Tacloban with  one generator set. Thanks. 

PNoy said: Only prepared LGU’s will get donations first. Wrong. Donations held by govt IN TRUST for benefit of all victims

      The President in his visit to Guiuan, Eastern Samar yesterday praised his allies, the Guiuan local government officials, and took another swipe (in the form of innuendoes) against the LGU officials of Tacloban. Here is what he said (English translation by the Inquirer, which is accurate):

“ “Whoever is prepared, he will receive [help] first,” he said, claiming the national government still lacked enough “data” on the relief and rehabilitation needs in other areas.

“ “We need not talk, only act,” he said.

“The President insisted local government units were supposed to be the “first responders” in a calamity.

“ “The national government will come but you expect the local government to take care of everything. Then if more is needed, we will fill in,” he said.

“ “But if they haven’t started anything, we will do it. But we are still on our way,” he added.

“ “Where will you send the troops? Where will you send the medicines? You will need all these information.” “

      The legal aspect of this is: Those donations were sent to the government IN TRUST  for the benefit of the victims. In  civil law, this means that the government does not own those donations and is not authorized to arrogate unto itself the authority to give them to whoever it thinks is “handa” or prepared to receive the donations. Who will determine who is “handa” or prepared? The President? Mar Roxas? The Liberal Party? What does “handa” or prepared mean? If the local mayor cannot give a definite answer to certain questions to the satisfaction of the President, does that mean that, that LGU is not “handa” or not prepared? Therefore, most of the donations will go to the “ready” officials?

      These donations were given when many donors were moved by images of the dying, the injured, the devastated, in Tacloban, Ormoc, and other areas. Who is the President to say he will choose which ones will get the donations first?

     I’m sure PNoy did not mean it.

     I hope he meant it simply as a gentle reminder. Like… when I try to jolt my lazy students, I tell them: “if you don’t present your report today as scheduled, I will flunk you. Drop my class.” (in my “student evaluation of teaching” many students say”, : “strict but fair”. I will take that any day of the week. My ambition is to be a terror teacher.)

      I’m sure that the President would be fair.

     If not – there are criminal provisions applicable: Criminal complaints can be filed If the donations are not given to those who need them most.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers

Layers of tears 

on layers of hope

Photo by Philippine Star


with the caption: “A young girl carries her baby brother as they wait to board a military plane in Tacloban.”

(right-clicked and uploaded here for non-commercial purposes, i lit up the photo a bit, with apologies)

Kyla Bustaliňo age 10, residents of Bood, Maribojoc, Bohol: no access to drinking water 72 hours now; people buried by rubble not yet rescued

The residents of Barangay Bood, Maribojoc, Bohol have not had access to drinking water for about 72 hours now. They sent an SOS thru the only way possible: with the asphalt street as blackboard, they scrawled the words “help”, “food”, and “H2O” (water) in big letters using soft rock. Here’s the interview of the residents (please click the video of the interview by GMA 7’s Jiggy Manicad below)



     After this clip was aired this afternoon, the Bohol governor was phonepatched to respond. He answered with: “we have already prepared relief goods … these are on their way… etc. etc.”. Like a call center agent. He had a script. He never even bothered to get any details on the exact location, number of people missing and where they are feared buried in the rubble,   number of residents on the streets who need medicine — nor gave an estimate of how many more hours, or days,  it would take to bring over relief.

     Her name is Kyla Alexi Bustaliňo, age 10,  family and neighbors, their houses have been crushed, they’re staying outdoors and have not slept for three days due to fear of the aftershocks, they’re located in Barangay Bood, Maribojoc, Bohol, they are using plastic basins to catch tubig-ulan (rainwater) just so they would not die of dehydration.

     There are  people missing in Maribojoc and other sitios, some could still be alive buried under rocks.

Watch the GMA 7 news report: Mark Solis for alleged plagiarism

GMA News Channel 7 asked for a legal  opinion on the Mark Solis entry to the photography contest of the Chilean Embassy, which entry (photograph) was found to have been right-clicked from the site of a Brazilian photographer’s Flickr account for which  Mark Solis had apologized.

     Watch for the interview on GMA 7 news!

       The GMA 7 cameraman took a video of the text of the moral rights provision of the Intellectual Property Code .

     Watch for the discussion!

      The cameraman also took a video of Article 172 of the Revised Penal Code. Just in case the lighting wasn’t that great in the conference room (kasi the text was  in small font of the crime book), here’s the provision in bigger font :

Art. 172. Falsification by private individual and use of falsified documents. — The penalty of prision correccional in its medium and maximum periods and a fine of not more than P5,000 pesos shall be imposed upon:


2. Any person who, to the damage of a third party, or with the intent to cause such damage, shall in any private document commit any of the acts of falsification enumerated in the next preceding article. (underscoring supplied)

xxxx                   xxxx

According to  Justice Aquno :   A private document has been defined by the Supreme Court as “every deed or instrument executed by a private person, without the intervention of a notary public or other person, legally authorized, by which document some disposition or agreement is proven, evidenced, or set forth. “

    On the other hand, “acts of falsification enumerated in the next preceding article” refer to the following:

1.Counterfeiting or imitating any handwriting, signature, etc.;

2.Making it appear that a person took part in any act when in fact they did not;

3.Attributing certain statements to a person who in fact did not make them;

4.MAKING UNTRUTHFUL STATEMENTS IN A NARRATION OF FACTS (caps and underscoring supplied: this is a pertinent provision to the action being contemplated by those who have been duped by the person in question).

5.Altering true dates;


7. Issuing as an authenticated copy of an original when no such original exists;

8.Intercalating any instrument in relation to a protocol, registry, or official book.


       Watch for the news report!


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