Mang CV Flores stars in MMFF New Wave Entry “Mamang Pulis”

Mang CV Flores stars in MMFF New Wave Entry “Mamang Pulis” by Hannah Espia

(Mang CV, in one lunch break a couple of years ago, shot a couple of yoga videos using my small digicam; two samples of which are embedded here (the first video, “good” yogi; the second video, “lazy” yogi — below this writeup. You can hear his voice giving directions)

From ”Spotlight On: “Mamang Pulis” (Mr. Policeman) – 2013 MMFF NEW WAVE ENTRY (Animation) UP Film Institute’s property custodian, “Kuya CV” Flores wanted to be a policeman, but instead became a policeman of film equipment and film students.

“Mamang Pulis (Mr. Policeman)is produced, directed, written, animated and edited by Hannah Espia, starring CV Flores. The film is in Filipino w/ English subtitles with Ice Idanan (Cinematographer) and Gerry Roxas (Assistant Editor)


“Conrado Villanueva “CV” Flores, who plays himself in this animated feature was the property custodian at the University of the Philippines Film Institute from 1978-2012 and yes, he wanted to be a policeman.

“ “Mamang Pulis” is an animated documentary about Conrado Villanueva “Kuya CV” Flores, the property custodian of the University of the Philippines Film Institute from 1978-2012. The said short documentary, talks a little bit about the history of the UPFI, and the future of student film makers. But most of all, according to Espia “Mamang Pulis is a tribute to UP Film Institute’s well-loved property custodian and is a love letter to the past and future students of cinema.”

“ “Mamang Pulis” – Official Entry of the MMFF NEW WAVE ENTRY (Animation).

“All 13 entries of the MMFF New Wave Films (Full Length, Animation and Student Short Films categories) are shown at Glorietta 4 in Makati City and SM Megamall cinemas in Mandaluyong on December 19 to December 24 for only P100.”