“This girl is on fire!!” March 9 news issue

“Thi-ss…! girl is on fie-ere!!”

It’s time to name the robot news aggregator that’s been doing ALL the work in my news site for three days now since I’ve been on errands for three days.

 (based on the content last, last week: fashion, restaurant reviews, wine reviews, etc., I figured she was female)

4Mgraphlogo.March9   Here’s how she aggregated the news for today, quite impressive: “Over 5o arrests in strife-hit Malaysia”; “Humanitarian crisis feared in Sabah, Tawi-tawi”; “Sabah refugees seek help from Phil govt”; “ ‘Royal army’ leader killed, Malaysia claims” etc.

     And then she posted these for Women’s Day  and for today:

    ♥   videos, “Women’s wishes on women’s day” from Marie Claire and “Party Haul” from Yahoo Shine;

     ♥  “Data gender that will make you smile, not groan” from Global Voices;

     ♥  “Online art museum highlights Muslim women” from Al Jazeera; “Kenyan women march towards political equality” also from Al Jazeera.

     Impressive because I did not put any instructions or filters there to make it/her aggregate Women’s Day news but it did – just based solely on stats in the internet  or algorithm.

      i think we could learn a thing or two about crowds from the way she aggregates — see for yourself in the news site (link below).

     Other interesting items  the robot aggregated are: “Living the quiet Batanes life” from Vera Files; : “Vegetarian recipe for vegetarian paella” from Vegetarian Society; “Hotels offer yoga channel” from the Yoga Journal; “Flu shots to keep older folks out of the hospital” from NBC Health; “Whole foods to require labels on genetically modified food” from NY Times; and many more.

     We’ll have to name her…What do we call her? Lemme see…Robot… female… Filipino, has been to different continents, and New York (New York, Cubao)… Let’s just call her:…..

                 MaribuBot (Maribu-Bot)

the robot news aggregator created by my news site; she works days plays night. Coincidentally, she’s also a comic character. Really. One of Nonoy Marcelo’s characters; in the movie Tisoy!  she was played  by Charo Santos – who’s now president of one of the largest if not the largest media organizations in the country. (it’s just a coincidence).

      Here’s MaribuBot’s work, this news issue is all hers, see for yourself, pls click:

 MaribuBot, robot newsaggregatorMarch9, 13 What’s Trending marichulambino

comments are welcome anytime EXCEPT those with more than 12 links or 12 URLs pasted. Tnx)

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