WordPress “likers” & “linkers” & the impulse to create original content

a sweet Sunday to WordPress “likers” and “linkers” all over the world (WordPress users all), bound by the impulse to create original content (original images/   text), appearing here  chronologically or in the order that the links  appear in the Inbox (please click their avatars and public profiles embedded at the foot of the previous post “Weekly Photo Challenge: In the Background”, below)  : Lara in Lebanon; The Palladian Traveler in Italy;  (bernardoleonardchristopher who liked the WordPress page design/ theme, comment embedded in another post); [ anti cellulite treatment — i hope this is not an ad —  who commented that he/she liked the layout but said the text, when in Firefox, seemed to run off-screen, comment posted in another entry); FON (Free Online News) in India; munchow in Norway; Ici & La Nature – Pictures of France in France; Wahi in India; louisedautheribesmckerl in France; mrscarmichael in the United Kingdom; lesleycarter in the United States; Britten Asplund in Sweden; Hamburg und Mee(h)r in Germany; Missionary IOU; Bams Triwoko in Indonesia; Judy @ GrandparentsPlus2 in the U.S.;  My Daily Prompt Blog;  westseventhfreelance in the U.S.; Vladimir Brezina, U.S.; Madelaine, U.S.; Cee Neuner, U.S.; Kris, U.S.; The Panama Adventure …

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