Beirut?… Syria?… It’s Serendra

Beirut?…. Syria?… It’s Serendra.

Here’s the photo i chose of the many photos taken of the explosion, it’s from Rappler: 


(Photo by Rappler, used here non-commercially for academic purposes; i painted a red arrow on it to point at the unit) There were many accounts of the blast. Here’s what i pieced: An explosion  blew up an entire residential unit at the 4th floor of Serendra Two condominium building in Bonifacio Global City in Taguig four hours ago. The explosion was so powerful that it hurtled outward the entire wall of the residential unit, which fell on a delivery van across the street, killing two (or three according to some accounts) inside the van. The explosion also caused the walls of the three units above the explosion to hurtle outward, the glass windows of a wine store across the street on the ground floor to shatter to pieces. Witnesses said the ground from as far as half a kilometer away shook. The investigation is  on-going, the  cause of the blast still undetermined. Hundreds of curious on-lookers are milling around while the  President  is now at the site inspecting the debris.

      Serendra is owned by Ayala Land, which has not issued a statement as of this posting.

 TV cameras zoomed in on the unit that exploded. It looked like it was shot by a Howitzer from the inside;  like it was a scene straight from Beirut or Syria.  Anobur.


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