Sunday Breakfasting Vegetarian at Likha

    The tag “lifestyle choices” came up in the wordpress tag box when i finished typing (it’s robot-generated — these robots are learning to think)

… so i’m using it.

“Lifestyle Choices”

Sunday breakfasting vegetarian at Likha,  today’s morning buffet:

                7am to 10am:

Tahó (beancurd with syrup or beancurd pudding), seafood palabok (seafood Chinese noodles), red eggs (preserved eggs), and more.

        for 10am-1pm: 

tinuktok na tofu (crushed or pressed tofu), vegetarian mechado, meatloaf pakora (meatloaf Indian fritter), crispy fish fillet, mixed seafoods, tuna teriyaki, frozen fruit salad…now you know what i’m having.

Breakfast places are good business in the city — Filipinos have come to like to breakfast out or to hold breakfast meets/ reunions/ dates/ powwows/ eyeballs/ in transit to work/ lounge…

to write/ surf/ type up excel files over breakfast…

Call center agents and other night workers unwind/ date/ socialize over pre-dawn breakfast — well, it’s only technically breakfast, for the inverted circadian rhythm, it’s late dinner.

Day- people perk themselves up on their way to work over brisk latté,  or conclude contracts over eggs overeasy.

How could i tell which ones just came from work and which ones are going to work? You could tell — of course! Okay… Trade secret. From their eyes.

 There’s a sense of accomplishment when you finish sumthin’ very early in the morning …

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