J Tuesday Bonus

      Some students (from previous semesters) suggest that “essay questions” be added to the “objective” questions of exams.

      Note that because of the nature of this course, deductions are made for writing errors:  grammar,  idioms,  syntax, mixed metaphors, spelling. So, an “essay” question is not necessarily easier.  In any case, for examinees who want to give it a try, here is  one bonus question, for five points to be credited under the Dec. 17 exam (therefore, on Dec. 17, instead of 15 points as bonus, only 10 points max will be provided in the  bonus section): 24 hours to answer.

The examinee may post the answer in his/her own platform (FB, Tumblr, Blogspot, WordPress) and paste the hyperlink in the comments section here; or may type up the answer in the comments section of this space; or may email it to R addressed to me. You may use either your real name/ student number or pseudonym – in the case of the latter, inform R of your real name. This space will close in 24 hours or on Nov. 26 at 2:41 pm.

      Based on the principles of journalism and qualities of news taken up in class, choose one good example of a news report published/ aired in  the last five days on 1)Typhoon Yolanda; or 2) SC decision on PDAF; 3) any crime story,  and illustrate or discuss the elements of news present, and why you consider this report as exemplary.  (a generic answer will get a generic score of zero).



  1. 2013-78828

    Filipinos’ coping mechanism impresses UN exec
    By Juan Escandor Jr.
    Inquirer Southern Luzon
    11:46 pm | Sunday, November 24th, 2013
    SOURCE: http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/534007/filipinos-coping-mechanism-impresses-un-exec#ixzz2limJTkNy

    “ORMOC CITY—Describing Supertyphoon “Yolanda’s” scale of destruction and impact as beyond belief, the head of the humanitarian mission of the United Nations here was impressed by the coping mechanism of the survivors as well as the early warning systems implemented by local governments in many devastated areas.”
    First and foremost, I considered this news article as exemplary because it focused on the optimistic side of the issue brought about by the recent calamity our country faced.
    Amidst different criticisms thrown to the government, specifically to the LGUs, it’s good that other news reporters present the efforts made not just by the government, but also by the people themselves.
    Another is that it is timely and is of great importance to us Filipinos. We cannot deny the fact that our countrymen suffered so much from Yolanda’s wrath, but knowing how brave Filipinos are, makes a big difference.
    The author also interviewed a prominent individual which added credibility to the story because of the direct information given by Jesper Holmer Lund, chief of emergency services branch of the humanitarian mission of the United Nations. Aside from this, the story is also contextualized and is concisely written.
    Not only did this article focused on a new angle of the issue, but also it highlighted that, despite such calamities, we could still be proud of Filipinos’ strength and resiliency.

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