all the world all this time

Photographed and posted by the android. on-going right now, breakfast, Shot two seconds ago, chihuahua having coffee….

FIMG_20140821_081949inally figured it out today while running., solved the puzzle Mommy gave me.

Mommy said , “Argo (the rescued pup) jumps and sits at the window sill at exactly 8 every evening as Myra comes home.”. 8pm sharp, to the minute, he would jump, sit, and wait. Mommy said she looked at her watch. i asked, paano nya nalalaman alas otso na nang gabi eh wala namang araw (‘how could he tell it’s 8pm, there’s no sun to tell the time with’) Mommy said, aba ewan ko, alam nya, roughly translated, i don’t know to your lawyer, este, er, Mommy said “who knows”.

 Life’s most perplexing questions while on the third kilometer. Here it is… well, it’s just a theory….It has to be verified and validated ….thru clinical trials …and laboratory experiments to establish cause and effect and not just correlation of data….

He could tell time not by sight but …by scents and sounds of the evenng, in particular, by scents and sounds of the world at 8pm. Either that or …he is able to sense Myra three kilometers away… inside a vehicle …with closed windows.  Or by his stomach,. i solved this puzzle  while running because… 5am smells different from 6am. Although i don’t have it right down to the minute unlike the rescued pup. i will develop this theory, write a paper, present it in an international conference then submit it for pup-review, este, er, peer review in an ISI-indexed academic journal: Title:”Time Does Not Exist for a Daschund But I Wrote This Paper Anyway”

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