Argo in a coat

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         if  ever

                  i would leave you,

It couldn’t be in autumn.

How i’d leave in autumn

i never will know

i’ve seen how you …


When fall nips the air.

your nose sniffs

         the morning,

    the grass, 

          the bricks

          and everything there …

production design by Myra Lambino

iphone-shot by Myra Lambino, October 2016

Model: Argo  Lambino (formerly the rescued pup

(photo above shot five years ago by Myra)

now the educated denizen civil libertarian of the district hills, Los Angeles, California)

Argo, photo shot by Myra Lambino last week

Argo —

     For documentation purposes, when he was once registered for reservations with the dog hotel, his family name or surname was required:

   Here’s how that phone conversation with the dog hotel reservation agent went as narrated by Myra:

Dog hotel agent: Argo … and what is his full name?

Myra: It’s Argo.

Dog hotel: What is his surname?

Myra (starts to think how to find the dachshunds who gave birth to Argo to get their surnames…) Well, he doesn’t have a surname …

Dog hotel: You can just give him the surname you’re using.

Myra: Oh, it’s Lambino.

Dog Hotel: Ok… we’ll  register him as Argo Lambino.

   So that’s his full name … he seems pleased.  

     Most recent photo of Argo (from last week) shows Argo being hugged by J in cold weather, i-Phone- shot by Myra Lambino