3rd day #walangpasok, online class topics for online discussion here, for Comm & Media students, J101

The reality is, just a little rain inundates the entire Metro Manila such that students cannot go to school. Why hasn’t anybody put two and two together and build the online capability of teachers and students so that during floods, when there is still electricity and internet services, the topics in the syllabus can be moved along with online discussion — classes continue online: Then, to make sure students are attentive online, announce that there will be a quiz on the first sunny day so the students attend to the topics while indoors.

      This is the so-called “new normal”: we’ll have more flooded days ahead in the coming months: School life should be able to continue, we should not be paralyzed sleeping off the rainy days, students can be  productive thru online capabilities of the faculty and of teachers and the ingenuity and sensibility of administrators of  Universities, colleges, schools. Why can’t any legislator think of passing a law, or why can’t the Chief Executive think of passing the necessary measures, so that the online capability of schools and students are built so school life can continue during continuous days of flooding and …. the most popular hashtag:  #walangpasok  ? 

                                         ♣  ♣  ♣

Here is the third part of the online topics: More educational videos on “Elements of News” or “News Values” or

Mga Elemento/ o sangkap/ o nilalaman na hinahanap upang maging balita ang isang pangyayari

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